Visual Studio: Azure DevOps Git – The pull operation failed

When trying to sync or pull our repository from remote, it fails with the following error:

The pull operation failed, see Output Window for details.

In the output window, the error is the following:

Cannot determine the organization name for this '' remote URL. Ensure the `credential.useHttpPath` configuration value is set, or set the organization name as the user in the remote URL '{org}'.

Go to Visual Studio’s Tools, and then Options, search for ‘Git’ in the searchbar.

Select the Git Global Settings option, and find the ‘Credential helper’ setting, and set it from ‘Unset’ to:

GCM For Windows

This should solve your problem.

Xamarin.Android: error APT2258 invalid symbol name fix

If you are facing this issue: : error APT2258: invalid symbol name 'com.companyname.appname:drawable/xxxx'.

You should check for your Resources folder, and look for files with name like a C# or Java keyword. For example: new, public, private, static, class, and so on.

If you rename the file, it will solve your problem.

Xamarin: Android bindings library could not build

It seems, the new Visual Studio 2019 release with version 16.7 could not build the AndroidBindings projects. (For further information about what is an android binding proj, see:

The compiler gives the following error message:

...\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android\Xamarin.Android.Bindings.targets(327,5): warning MSB6002: The command-line for the "BindingsGenerator" task is too long. Command-lines longer than 32000 characters are likely to fail. Try reducing the length of the command-line by breaking down the call to "BindingsGenerator" into multiple calls with fewer parameters per call.

Workarounds like: Change the path of the soulution to shorter one does not seems to work.
The only solution for the problem was to downgrade VisualStudio to 16.5.4 (to the last working one for me)